CEMCO Launches New HOTROD Type X for Head-of-Walls

CEMCO Launches HOTROD Type X Compressible Firestop 
HOTROD Type-X is a compressible intumescent fire-stopping foam that provides 1 and 2 hour fire & smoke ratings for both dynamic and static joints according to UL-2079 (for both standard walls and shaft walls) and is sound tested according to ASTM E90.
HOTROD Type X is available in 2 size options:
  • ½" X 1" for 1-hour walls; 48" long 20 (80') pieces per box
  • 1" X 1" for 2 hour walls; 48" long 10 (40') pieces per box
HOTROD Type X's is primarily designed to use in concrete slab assemblies in hotels, condos, dorms, and retirement homes.
Developed to assist in meeting the new 2012 IBC requirement for 3rd party inspections for buildings above 75', Category III or IV buildings and/or 'special occupancies', HOTROD Type X may be your best option because it provides for a fail-safe installation. Concerns about product longevity are no more. HOTROD provides a sustainable life warranty! HOTROD goes in 4X’s faster than sealant with no comeback work as HOTROD will not shrink back or pull away from the drywall. This compressible firestop product seals against uneven concrete to provide critical fire, smoke and sound protection.
Sound tested according to ASTM E90 sound reports are listed on our CEMCO website:
  • 3-5/8" Unbalanced Interior Wall - STC=51.
  • 2-1/2" Double-Wall/Double Layer - STC=68.
HOTROD Type X is also available in a Non-Fire Rated Version under "Smoke and Sound-Stop".
For more information about HOTROD Type X or Smoke and Sound Stop products, contact Don Pilz at Don Pilz at CEMCO.